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Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Income tax time is here. Here are some Important dates and updates:

· Despite the shutdown, IRS has Confirmed Tax Filing Season to Begin January 28 and IRS will pay taxpayers refunds.

· File as early as you can. Deadlines are:

o March 15th - Business Returns (LLC. S-Corp. ...

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Posted on Jan 10, 2018

We are prepared to deliver reliable, accurate, affordable, secured and personalized service to meet your needs. Come to us for all your tax, Accounting and Insurance related needs.

Posted on Sep 18, 2017

Why should I buy life insurance?
1. Replace income for dependents.
2. Pay final expenses.
3. Create an inheritance for your heirs.
4.Pay federal “death” taxes and state “death” taxes.
5. Make significant charitable contributions.
6. Create a source of savings.

Skyline Groups Inc.
3817 D South G...

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Tax Preparation Checklist

Identifying Information
  • Social Security Numbers for yourself, your spouse and your children. Note that all social security numbers must agree with Social Security Administration records.
  •  If a woman is married and does not officially change her name by bringing her original marriage license to the Social Security Administration, she must file under her maiden or prior married name. 

Child and Dependent Care Provider : 
  • If it is necessary for you to have someone care for your child(ren) while you work because you are single, or you are married and both spouses work, if the child is under age 13, you can deduct the cost of the child care. 
  •  You may also deduct the cost of care if someone is caring for your disabled spouse while you work. In either case, we need the providers name, address and tax I.D or Social Security Number. 

Alimony paid: If you pay alimony or maintenance (not child support), we need the Social Security Number of your former spouse.   

Employment & Income Data (Please bring originals or copies of these documents.)
  • W-2 forms for this year 
  • Unemployment compensation: Forms 1099-G
  • Miscellaneous income: Forms 1099-MISC* (See note about business expenses below) 
  • Partnership, S Corporation, & trust income: Schedules K-1
  • Pensions and annuities: Forms 1099-R 
  • Social Security/RR1 benefits: Forms SSA-1099 or RRB-1099
  • Gambling and lottery winning, Form W-2G** (See note about gambling losses below.)
  • Prizes and awards, Form 1099-MISC  
  • Scholarships and fellowships, Form 1099-MISC ·State and local income tax refunds: Form 1099-G
  • Rent or Royalty Income: Form 1099-MISC   

Homeowner Data 
  • Mortgage interest from all mortgages: Form 1098 Purchase or sale of your home or other real estate: 
  • If you bought or sold a home this year, we need the HUD-1 statement from the closing package. 

Moving Expenses 
  • If you moved more than 50 miles away from your former home and you are now working in the new location, you may be eligible to deduct the cost of moving 
  • You need to gather the costs for moving your family and your household items. 

Investment and Bank Accounts (Please bring original forms or copies.)
  • Interest income statements: Form 1099-INT & 1099-OID 
  • Dividend income statements: Form 1099-DIV 
  • Proceeds from broker transactions: Form 1099-B. If your brokerage house does not provide cost basis information (usually a separate year-end statement), you will need to gather information on how much you paid for stocks sold. 
  • If you inherited them and you don’t have a statement of the value of the inheritance, if you can provide us with the date, we can figure it out. 
  • Retirement plan distribution: Form 1099-R 

Financial Liabilities 
  • Student loan interest paid.
  • Early withdrawal penalties on CDs and other time deposits.

Medical Expenses 

  • ONLY if they are likely to be more than 10% of your income 

Gifts to charity (Note: You need a qualified written statement from charity for any single donations of $250 or more). 
  • You may also deduct the expenses related to your volunteer work: If you use your car for volunteer work, we need mileage date. Otherwise, any supplies or telephone charges, etc. can be deducted. 

Unreimbursed expenses related to your job (travel expenses, uniforms or work clothing, union and professional dues, subscriptions to business publications, mobile phone charges that relate to your work, tools or supplies your purchased for use at work, etc.) You cannot deduct the cost of commuting to and from work, but any additional mileage is deductible. So, if, for example, you use your own car to go between two different work locations or you use your own car to run errands for your employer or visit clients, you may deduct 53 cents a mile for all business miles driven in 2016. 
  • Investment expenses: ( i.e., Investment publications, telephone calls to investment advisors or management fees paid to investment companies.) 
  • Job-hunting expenses (i.e., resume printing or faxing, mileage, overnight travel) 
  • Job-related education expenses, if education is required for your job. 
  • Child care expenses ·         
  • Adoption expenses
  • Alimony paid 
  • Tax return preparation expenses and fees 

Self-Employed Business Expenses (applies to almost anyone receiving a 1099 for nonemployee compensation.) 
  • Business-related expenses: Receipts, other documents & own records
  • Business Vehicles: Mileage log or other information regarding vehicle usage. If vehicle is leased, we need a total of lease payments made during the year plus total expenses for insurance, gasoline and repairs. 
  •   If vehicle is owned, for ease, IRS mileage method can be used to approximate all expenses based on mileage. 

Rental Expenses If you rent real estate, you will need the following information. If the rental is part of your home, you need to know the percentage of your home that is rented.
  • Mortgage and real estate taxes
  • Repair and maintenance costs, including landscaping, snow removal.
  • Utility charges, if you pay them.
  • Insurance premiums paid.

  Miscellaneous Information
  • Federal, state & local estimated income tax paid for current year: Estimated tax vouchers, 
  • cancelled checks & other payment records
  • IRA, Keogh and other retirement plan contributions. 
  •  Records to document casualty or theft losses
  • Records for any other expenditures that may be deductible 
  • Records for any other revenue or sales of property that may be taxable or reportable    

Gambling Losses 
You may deduct the amount of gambling losses up to the amount of winnings. If you have winnings, you need to be able substantiate your losses. Casinos will often supply statements if you use their courtesy cards when you play.      

New Clients: Please bring a copy of last year’s tax return. 

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